About Us

Who We Are

We are the pioneers of data and analytics consulting and technology.

What We Do

Our analytical insights deliver optimal business outcomes.

Vision and Value

Our global consultants and data scientist professionals determine the most advantageous architecture, infrastructure and toolsets for the best business outcomes.

Best Practices and Education

Ongoing cross-functional support, maintenance and training to move your organization past common data and analytics challenges and to create analytics self-sufficiency.

Superior People

The best brands in the world like us for good reason—our technologists, data scientists, engineers, industry and functional experts have a single-minded vision: use our unparalleled technology to find the bullseye in your data and exploit it your best business advantage.

More than 50% of our team are consultants – data strategists and data scientists, technologists, innovators and experts in all types of analytics. We engage directly with business and IT leaders to solve urgent real-world problems and seize compelling strategic opportunities.

We combine proven analytics expertise, specialized business consulting, and scalable, high-performance, analytics ecosystems. That’s why our agile analytical ecosystems solutions are market-leading and award-winning.

We aren’t everybody else. We are non-conformists; we roll our sleeves up and solve the biggest, messiest business problems. No matter where you are with your analytics and data technology, we are right there with you.

If you think of  us inflexible, think again. We favor best-of-breed ecosystems. Our continuous research and development creates a flexibility that turns the hype of analytics into measurable performance and power.

Ready to accelerate performance improvements for your business?